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Zeitgeist Publishing

Value proposition design

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The Zeitgeist will work with you brand to develop an updated and refined value proposition and market offer, with the aim of creating a differentiated clear view for your product.

The topics and themes covered include:

  • Identifying and and developing key marketing trends 
  • Boundary mapping for your business key competencies 
  • Competitor research and mapping 
  • Theme setting
  • Value definition 
  • Proposition development 
  • Sales ladder design 

This project will deliver the following outcomes:

  • A newly defined and reinvigorated positioning 
  • All all of the ingredients for your new market position and will be able to go on and inform changes to your credentials, website etc
  • It will also be the perfect foundation to a new and invigorated go-to-market strategy to help you set-up growth for next year



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