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A distillation of our expertise and experience. 

The Architect, Acquire & Accelerate book is for any business owner, product owner, budding founder or ideas person that wants to create a market position that stands out in a b2b market.

It's designed to be a practical guide to take any or all applicable parts to help validate or guide you through your own business and product offering proposition. How to bring that to your chosen audience and build a sustainable pipeline that turns into revenue. As well as accelerators to help speed things up along the way.

It's written in a straight-talking way without any BS or nonsense and dotted with anecdotes and stories from first-hand experiences from its author and experienced business leader, Ryan Hall.

We hope you enjoy this book as it's intended. To supplement gaps in your expertise, validate what you already know and enjoy the story behind it, which shows business growth is far from a straightforward path and how to take the good from the challenges along the way.

Pages: 251

Language: English 

Estimated shipping date: November 2022