The Intelligence - Business and community design

The Intelligence - Business and community design

Client Background

The Intelligence Community is the first of its kind. It is a place to share knowledge, trends, and advice that drives industries forward. It also brings together the best of community and intelligent self-service thinking. Their mission is to create a space that brings together the best minds in a globally recognised community, sharing thought leadership and collaboration opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our Brief

Our role was to create a value proposition, go-to-market strategy, product strategy, community strategy and business case for the Intelligence Community.

What We Did

We understood that the audience around intelligence self-serve as an increasingly important topic in the market is still a topic that isn’t talked about enough. Intelligence wanted to own the space, so we came up with a value proposition to see if the project would work and if it was sensible.

We then created a business case around the value proposition to see if it was financially viable and if it would work in terms of ROI. Following that, we worked out how we could take it to market by designing a go-to-market strategy.

Following that, we set up a product strategy which involved asking the questions: what it was, how it would work, what the customer experience would be like, and what technology we would use (this would be Verint).

The final piece of the jigsaw would be the community strategy. This was: why would people want to be in there, the content strategy, how we could make it ‘sticky’, how people would engage, and how it would be managed. It was also about making the experience authentic, useful, relevant, and full of purpose. Ultimately, it was about leveraging valuable content to create a genuine community.

Outcomes and Solutions

The community will be launched on June 24th 2022, and sign-ups are well underway. You can view the community here. We created the value proposition, business case, go-to-market strategy and community strategy for Intelligence and placed them in a solid position to own the intelligent self-serve space.